“Thinking about how to write this I was struggling on the way to begin as it is a difficult task to write about Coach Josh and not come out with a whole book. The man is a fascinating human being. It wasn’t until last night I stumbled upon the perfect fictional character to describe this person who exists within reality, the perfect way to describe Josh is to picture a real life “world’s most interesting man” . This might sound funny to those who do not know him, but in my experience he always finds a way to surprise me with his drive to attain knowledge and dedication to his craft of which he has many. Working with Josh for my last three fights has given me a new level of confidence both in and outside the cage. Josh will be the first to say that confidence without the backing of experience and knowledge is doomed to fail. Not only did he elevate my levels of fitness and improve my body composition, but I felt mentally stronger and more able to perform my task that the day presented to the best of my ability. You will not find a better, more in depth and knowledgeable hard working man to help you through your journey whether it be a physical one, spiritual or mental journey. He will not coddle you or tell you everything is going to be okay if it isn’t. He shoots straight from the hip and means business, but he also has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I have had the pleasure of meeting. Coach Josh is a professional through and through and it is infectious, to the point that simply being around and conversing with him draws the best from every person I have seen him come into contact with. To my coach, my friend, my brother, thank you for helping change my life for the better. Love you man”

– Robert Watley | Professional MMA Athlete | LFA Lightweight World Champion

“I was the typical over 40 male – married, kids, an occasional work out I could sustain, but did not have the physical body I hoped I had presented. My weight fluctuated and I ate whatever I wanted. I thought there was no way I could ever reverse the damage that had been done to my body. And then I met Josh…..working with Josh I have achieved results that I thought were unachievable. And I now have the tools to keep it going – I can stay the course. But it’s not about me, it’s about what Josh teaches. He provides not only the physical transformation but the mental transformation as well. Health and fitness are truly mind over matter.”

– Thomas Mason | Realtor


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